Critical Illness Insurance

We believe that everyone needs this type of insurance. Taivi believes in its importance so much that she has this type of insurance coverage on her children. Should you or your partner become ill, or if your children are diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses (including cancer, heart attack and stroke), it provides you with a tax free payout.  

You can use the money to:

  • Replace your income

  • Manage unexpected extra costs

  • Keep your business going

  • Keep up with mortgage/debt payments

  • Renovate your home to make it accessible

  • Provide extra income on top of your group plan

Sadly, some of our clients have had to go on claim. Happily, they recovered and avoided destroying their retirement plan and creating debt while they were off work.


Disability Insurance

If you do not have the benefit of a group coverage program, please investigate disability insurance.  

This type of coverage is highly recommended for the self-employed and high income earners that do not have a group plan. No one ever expects to get hurt, but it does happen.  

Because you pay for this insurance, if you go on claim, it’s a tax free payout to you.  Get covered so that if you do need it, it’s there.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance

Canada’s population is aging rapidly. Many seniors need to live in special care facilities due to their medical requirements.

It’s costly living in a care facility. Our experience has been that the family home is sold and assets are liquidated to fund the expenses. There is a real fear of running out of money. The solution is to investigate Long Term Care insurance coverage before it’s needed.