Our office has worked diligently to develop relationships with Canada’s best Private Wealth Investment Counsellors.  Access to this exclusive program provides our clients with the opportunity to have their wealth (corporate and private) managed by institutional money managers.  This white glove, high level service model is a unique integrated approach that enables various resources to come together. 

This service provides access to the public investment markets (stocks and bonds), as well as unique investment opportunities in the corporate private market.  Private real assets such as agriculture, timber,  real estate and private placement debt are often used as a hedge against inflation. Included in this service is direct access to tax and estate planning advisor services, besides private banking solutions.


Altogether, this comprehensive and collaborative financial wealth management model is designed to provide our clients with the family office experience. 

Our Private Wealth solutions are for investors with a $1million in assets.  This unique model also allows for house holding of assets.  Therefore, families can maintain privacy and separate account set up, but together can benefit from lowered account costs.   The tiered fee scale is tax deductible for non-registered accounts. 

Please contact our office to find out how this goals based investment and wealth management approach can reduce your investment costs, enhance your financial wealth and greatly improve your entire wealth management experience with our professional and dedicated Investment Counsellors and Certified Financial Planner®.