Guaranteed Investment Funds are unique in that they offer the growth potential of mutual funds combined with the security of a principal guarantee.  Therefore, regardless as to what happens in the markets, you can sleep well at night knowing that your assets are well invested and well protected.

Wealth Management & Investing

You work hard now to save for your future. You’re investing wisely and putting away as much as you can. But…you’re concerned with volatility and other external influencers like political change and interest rates that can ultimately impact your savings.

It’s time to make an investment decision that will lessen your fears and increase your confidence.

Grow, protect and preserve your retirement savings, tax free account, children’s educational plan or non-registered/corporate account with a Guaranteed Investment Fund.  


Self Employed / Business Owners

As a self-employed Canadian, you eat, breathe and sleep your business. It consumes your energy and you have been known to sacrifice your evenings and weekends to your passion. As you have grown your business, you have created a pool of assets that you intend to utilize down the road to fund your future retirement.

With all the rapid changes in your industry and the ongoing challenges you face, perhaps it’s time to protect your business savings from creditors.  Guaranteed Investment Funds are life insurance contracts, therefore they offer the potential for protection from creditors that other traditional investments like mutual funds, bonds and exchange traded funds may/do not.

By designating a preferred beneficiary such as a spouse, child, grandchild or your own parent, these assets can potentially be protected from creditors. Together we will make a suitable investment choice with your risk tolerances and investment objectives top of mind.

Be confident of your decision to employee this unique feature of Guaranteed Investment Funds and protect your hard earned assets. Call to find out more about this unique business investment strategy.


Annuities can create stable and predictable income for life. In retirement you should do what you want, be it spending time with family or embarking on your wildest travel adventures, playing golf and taking an art class.  

Annuity payouts are long term, therefore the interest rates are typically higher than the one-to-five year posted rate. With interest rates expected to increase in Canada, investigating how an annuity can work for you might be a surprising solution to your current retirement cash flow need.

Income For Life - Annuities

Having reliable and predictable income for life is extremely important for many Canadians aged 55 and older. Most of us want a secure and comfortable retirement with a guaranteed income stream that we can rely on throughout our lifetime. If you desire financial security and do not want to worry about the stock market and are seeking a better option than current GIC interest rates, investigate what an annuity can do for you.  

Annuities are for those that:

  • Want predictable income for life

  • Are tired of stock market volatility and desire simplicity

  • Are concerned they will outlive their savings

  • Wonder how to provide for themselves and their spouse

  • Want to transfer their income stream to a beneficiary

  • Have a financial dependent to care for

  • Like the idea of a GIC but want a better interest rate

  • Want to bridge their income before the pension starts

  • Want to enhance pension income

  • Need an income stream and want to avoid dipping into assets earmarked for beneficiaries

You shouldn’t worry about your income. Investigate how an annuity can work for you throughout your lifetime.